Viktoras Dailidėnas,  artist, glass designer & CEO of fashion brand “Daili” , he is  a graduate of Vilnius Academy of Arts. Viktoras Dailidenas has strong stained glass background, but he has also demonstrated his talent in the works created in hot and cast glass techniques. He is often combining glass with other materials as ice, wood, or metal emphasising the qualities of each material that in the same time allows expressing him the attitude towards the processes of life.He has participate in diferent glass exhibitions such as “Glasbrucke Berlin” and “The Baltic Way” Dresden exhibitions in Germany, also he public in Lithuanian glass exhibitions “Vitrum Balticum IV” Kaunas, ”Stiklo Amžius” Architectural Art Glass and “Kamerinis Vitražas” in Vilnius. International art glass exhibition „Voice of Glass 2011“ in Latvia, „Art & Craft Europe 2012“ Slovenj Gradec Entrepreneurial Centre,  Slovenia.


Viktoras Dailidenas BW

photo: Reda Mickevičiūtė

V.Dailidėnas 1997 metais įstojo ir  2000 metais baigė, dailiojo stiklo studijas, Kauno kolegijoje,   J.Vienožinskio Menų fakultete, 2000 metais įstojo ir 2004-aisiais –apsigynė bakalauro studijas Vilniaus Dailės Akademijoje (VDA), 2006 metais Vilniaus Dailės Akademijoje (VDA) įgijo magistro laipsnį.


Contact artist:                viktoras(et)                    +370 688 86086


2006  Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts – Master of Arts
2004  Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts – Bachelor of Arts (Stained glass)
2000  Kaunas College of Art  / University of Applied Sciences (craft master of glass)

2016 Nacionalinės Kūrybinių ir Kultūrinių Industrijų Asociacija (NKIKIA)

2009 Lithuanian Artist’s Association / Lietuvos Dailininkų Sajunga (LDS)

2005 Lietuvos Autorių Teisių Gynimo Asociacija (LATGAA)


Glass artist, designer

Till 2016 He worked at own studio in Vilnius. Interested in glass since 1997 . Preach up Architectural Art Glass in Lithuania.
2003 – 2004   “Vitrazo manufaktûra” – one of stainedglass galery initiator. As well as the annual exhibition „Age of Glass“ in Vilnius , and international symposium of glass „Garden of Galss“, one of basic initiator.

Since 2003 working on branding of  fashion brand ‘Daili’ . Since 2013  CEO of  company LTD Dailidesign.

As the Director of “LAURA DAILI VILNIUS“ and CEO, Viktoras  pay intense attention to LTD Dailidesign activities. He is a member of LDS (Lithuanian Artists’ Association). Works and live in Vilnius, Lithuania.



Earlier Exhibitions :

2023 04 07 „LDS Monumentalistų paroda“, Gallery „Sėla“ Biržai

2022 02 07 „LDS Monumentalistų paroda“, Gallery „Foje“ Trakai

2014 05 17 „Profesionalaus taikomojo meno kolekcija“ , Gallery „Ramybe“ Palanga

2013 11 06 “Contemporary Craft Show”, The 37th Annual Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia, PA, USA

2013 11 11  ”Synchrony: Modern Lithuanian art in the context of tradition”, Galerie bij de Boeken, Netherlands

2013 06 04  ”Interior Lifestyle Tokyo” exhibition few own art peaces on show, Tokyo Big Sight, Japan

2012 11 30  „Paroda Nr.9“personal exhibition, BeepArt workshop (Pilaite), Vilnius

2012 05 31  „Art & Craft Europe 2012“ Slovenj Gradec Entrepreneurial Centre,  Slovenia

2012 05 01 „Monumentalusis menas.Vitražas, freska, mozaika.Tradicijos ir naujovės“ Alytus

2011 11 27  „Vitrum Balticum V. Image memory“  Kaunas  and later in Klaipeda

2011 05 18   „Viktoro Dailidėno personalinė paroda‚ Sluoksniai“, gallery „Aukso pjūvis“, Kaunas

2011 03 30  “Personal exhibition” General prosecution service of Lithuania, Vilnius

2011 03 03  „Voice Of Glass‘11“ the Art Academy of Latvia, Ryga, Latvija

2010 10 08  “Garden of Glass 2010” exhibition of  glass symposium, “Vitrazo Manufaktura”gallery, Vilnius

2010 09 03  “Mirror of Tolerance” Klezmer’s music Festival 2010, moving exhibition Lithuania

2010 08 31 “Laura & Viktoras Dailidens exhibition“ Ministry of Health of LT, Vilnius

2010 08 16 “Garden of Glass 2010” international symposium of glass, Jurmala, Latvia

2009 11 02  “Turbulence of The Three Approaches” gr. exb. Town hall Vilnius

2009 05 28  “Literatu Street Project”, a plate to A.Baranauskas, Vilnius

2009 02 02  “V.Dailidenas Glass art exhibition” (gallery Meno Nisa) , Vilnius

2009 01 13  “Kamerinis Vitrazas” (Vilnius city municipality) , Vilnius

2008 12 11   “Age of Glass” Architectural Art Glass Exhibition, (art gallery Dalia), Vilnius

2008 11 14   “Vitrum Balticum IV” International Glass Art Exhibition, Kaunas

2008 10 03   “Kamerinis vitrazas” (art gallery Arka), Vilnius

2008 08 31   “Long Night of Museums” Glasbrueche, Berlin, Germany

2008 08 11   Education art project, at Mark Eckstrand workshop, Artists and Children,Play in Glass, Panevezys

2008 05 16 – 08 30 Berlin Glass Night, Glasbruecke ,   Berlin , Germany

2008 03 05 “The Baltic Way” Gallery Kunstbahnhof, Dresden , Germany

2007 10 05 “Art in architecture” Art palace in Klaipeda

2007 09 23 Ice project “Tracks on Ice 3″ (Gallery XX) Panevezys

2007 09 21 “Designers for ecology” sculpture (Art in Unusual Places) Gedimino pr. Vilnius

2007 08 27   Ice project “Tracks on Ice 3″ (gallery Artima) Vilnius

2007 07 03   “Age of Glass 2007″ (art gallery Dalia) Vilnius

2006 06 27   “Age of Glass 2006″ (art gallery Dalia) Vilnius

2006 05 27   LDM Exhibition “Akimirkos”  Juodkrante

2006 01 22   Monumental Art review 1990-2004 LDS (Paintings gallery) Panevezys

2005 11 06   Monumental Art review 1990-2004 LDS (Meno parkas) Kaunas

2005 09 07 – 11 Conceptual Art Glass symposium “Garden of Glass” Panevezys

2005 09 03   “Vilniaus Dienos” Stainedglass galery show Vilnius

2005 08 18   “Age of Glass 2005″ (art gallery “Dalia”)  Vilnius

2005 07 15   “standart” SIKON (VGTU yard) Vilnius

2005 04 26   SMD participant them: “Dialogue & issue” (Intro), Vilnius

2004 12 03   “Christmassy exhibition” (Stainedglass manufactory), Vilnius

2004 08 02   “Age of Glass 2004″ (art gallery  Dalia),  Vilnius

2004 06 18   exhibition of glass (architect house), Kaunas

2004 04 30   “” stainedglass exhibition (Stainedglass manufactory), Vilnius

2004 04 13   Welnuvos  “13″ glass exhibition (Devil museum), Kaunas

2004 02 14   “Valentines day” (Peda) Klaipeda

2003 09 06   installation of glass “Autumn” (Senoja) for days of Panevezys

2003 03 24-29   SMD participant them: “rudeness, porno”(VDA) ; Vilnius

2002 12 17   “Minuscule m” (Stiklo karoliukai) miniature exhibition; Vilnius

2002 12 09   “Stiklodarai” (Gallery “Akademija”) group exhibition; Vilnius

2002 03 25   “S.pjûvis” (Gallery “Akademija”) Vilnius

2001 12 10   “Cut of glass” (Alberto gallery) with U.Busliene ; Kaunas

2001 09 03-08   “1+1″ International Stained Glass Symposium in  Troskunai

2001 07 05   “VDA stainedglass of students” (V.Grybo museum) Jurbarkas

2001 04 23-27   SMD participant them : “fast food”(VDA) Vilnius

2000 03 18   “6+1″(Naujamiescio art gallery) group exhibition; Naujamiestis Pan.raj.

2000 02 29   “6+1″(Gallery XX) group exhibition ; Panevezys

1999 03 16   “Reflection” personal exhibition, ( municipality library)Panevezys

1997 12 22   “Glass and stained-glass”(municipality library) first solo exhibition, Panevezys

1979  Born in Panevėžys (Lithuania)  . My parents painters: Jonas Dailidėnas & Lidija Dailidėnienė


Was born 22 January 1979
Nationality lithuanian
Father Jonas Dailidėnas
Mother Lidija Dailidėnienė
Spouse Laura Dailideniene
Children Ignas, Vėjas
Activity artist
Field stained glass
Alma mater Vilnius Academy of Arts
Known for artistic architectural glass

Viktoras Dailidėnas (born 22 January 1979 in Panevėžys)is a Lithuanian glass painter and stained glass artist experimenting in the field of artistic architectural glass, creating various glass objects for interiors and public spaces.

He grew up in Panevėžys in the family of artists Jonas and Lidija Dailidenai. He studied ceramics at Panevėžys School of Art. In 2000, he graduated from Kaunas J. Vienožinskis College, Department of Fine Glass (ed. S. Grabliauskaitė). He continued his studies in stained glass specialty at the Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts,where he graduated in 2004 with a bachelor’s degree and in 2006 a master’s degree (ed. A. Dovydėnas). According to V. Dailidėnas, the Academy gave him more artistic impulses, while all the necessary technological knowledge (glass blowing, casting, melting) was received only in Kaunas. [1][2]

Member of Lithuanian Artists’ Union (2009), National Association of Creative and Cultural Industries (2016).

Currently, he runs UAB Dailidesign company, and he and his wife, clothing designer Laura Dailideniene, have established the brand ”Laura Daili Vilnius”. With this company participates in international exhibitions and events, where they also present glassware and various works.

V. Dailidėnas creates in his studio in Vilnius. Receptive to contemporary trends and experiments in his work, therefore he was one of the first in Lithuania to take architectural art glass techniques,[3] wrote master’s work on this topic. [2] Since 1997 he has participated in various glass exhibitions and symposia in Lithuania and abroad. Its glass works and stained glass can be found in public and private interiors and exteriors.