Dresden “The Baltic Way”



Viktoras Dailidenas (Lithuania). Eeva Käsper (Estonia). Anna Vesele (Latvia)

3.5. – 04.04.2008

“Path” – which for us is the distance between two points on the map; these are the ways to get to new forms of expression or the way home, wherever that may be. Gone Pulling images; Ideas that come to mind and a previously never touched – individual sensations.
Anna Vesele

The three participating artists come from the Baltic countries, ie from the Baltic Sea states between Poland, Ukraine and Russia. A common way these countries have coped with by their national autonomy and independence from the former Soviet Union erwirkten the late 1990s and since 2004 a member of the European Union.
Even between the artists Viktoras Dailidenas, Anna Vesele and Eeva Käsper exist some similarities. All three have studied glass art, a discipline that is widely used in the Baltic countries, where it is treated as an independent branch of the contemporary art scene.

The Latvian Anna Vesele tried in her abstract work structures and phenomena of human life that have to do with time curves, for instance Generations, memories and changes to grasp. Therefore, these works often consist of countless, stacked in rows together or otherwise assembled parts.

The principle of joining, also appears in the works of Estonian artist Eeva Kasper. It forms fragile objects that represent and combines them in installations with indoor and outdoor spaces, the incredible things in life such as odors, dreams and ideas.

The Lithuanian Viktoras Dailidenas busy next architecture-related work with specific aspects of the material glass. Issues such as transparency or the appearance of Ice he raises in larger, urban dimensions and experimenting with processes.

2008 10 03 (82) 2008 10 03 (83)

Anke Binnewerg