‘Splash’ vase

Vase “Ink Splash” made by glass designer Viktoras Dailidėnas, piece of glass and a unique product, black – eggplant color, created in 2010.

The first one are made in 1998 at Kaunas Aleksotas Glass Studio Ltd., at the time called the “bulb” vase, it has developed while study at Kaunas College, J. Vienožinskis Faculty of Arts in Glass speciality , (S.Grabliauskaite teacher). In the first series of 15 pieces, at a sale through the school have been quickly sold out, and donated.

Now they have perfected version , ready for the general public , is presented as if from scratch, with a new name: „DROPS-Splash“.

Vase „Drops – Splash“ base colors :

black – eggplant (Ink Splash), transparent (Water Splash), transparent with lime (Lime Splash) ,  and white (Milk Splash).